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A nap nigériai levele

2006.08.19. 15:22 hírbehozó

Kezdenek begyengülni a nigériaiak, avagy: törnek fel az angolaiak. A levél "can i invest with you" tárgysorral érkezett...


Please I am Biatazi Amgazema the wife of a late Military General an erstwhile
top-ranking member of a frontline liberation movement in Angola,whose
organization had engaged the Angola government in a protracted civil
war since 1975.

I am therefore contacting you to assist me in channeling $6.9 Million
U.S Dollars belonging to my late husband into a productive investment
ventures instead of war. I looks to make this investment discreetly
under discretionary asset management arrangement.

I have contacted you on the consideration that you can assist me and
work out the possibility of placing this fund with you for management
either in your existing establishment or other venture to be undertaken
at your discretion under terms to be agreed upon. I therefore prefers
that this investment be made in your country.

I shall be expecting your response in order to furnish you with details of
the funds. All replies in response of this mail shall be directed to my
private email address..."

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